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  1. I am a tg female that is HIV + , I have lived with my no-ctinizen boyfriend for the past 4 years, he is HIV negative. His work visa will soon expire (in about a year). We have discussed me moving to his country at that time, but due to my meds I prefer staying in the US. I will relocate to his country if needed, to stay together. He is currently applying for Canadian residency, but I know that there is no way I could get perm residency there due to my HIV status.Is there any hope in immigration reform happening anytime soon?


  2. Start the camera rolling when its straight cold water being turned on, then fill, I MEAN FILL the tub with ice as well and then maybe take the plunge to be believable. Otherwise, your life truly is sad to have gone through all this trouble to fake a request from a twat like Tosh. LMAO Before I learned to respect all of humanity, I used to call people like you losers. Now the internet has this nifty word called FAIL and you my little “richarded” friend are the epitome of the word. Godspeed


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