I just had my first experience with LSD!

I lay there.

Not moving, my eyes flickered closed and soon my breath became longer and louder.

Suddenly I was on a beach.  It looked like the clean, pretty, pebbly beach where I had once sunbaked in summertime Italy.
Then my mind moved again.
I was making a shopping list and ticking off all the items I needed to make a Haloumi Salad.
I heard softly spoken words, almost a whisper.

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8 Days in the Desert!

There’s a Channel Nine television news presenter, a mid-morning FM radio announcer, a former NBL basketball star turned surgeon, construction executives, a developer, finance professionals, a 15 year old rower, some mums and dads and an odd CEO or two.

Just a few of the ‘talent’ turned hard-core trekkers that will be tackling a 250km hike through the Simpson Desert to raise money for the charity Youngcare and that I will be following both on camera and on foot for a one hour documentary for Channel Nine.


8 Days in the Desert will be the culmination of some very tough training and even tougher fundraising as the trekkers take on the sand and dust, freezing to blisteringly hot temperatures, no showers, food rations, rough sleeping, and the rugged harshness of the geographical centre of Australia.

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World Peace and 6 other reasons you should try Yoga in 2016!

Yes I know there are always fads, phases and trends when it comes to exercise, but after hitting the mat for a year now and moving from one class a week to attending almost every day, sometimes twice a day, yoga is no longer complementary to my physical regime, but has become my fitness mainstay.

Proving just how far I have transcended, I have conquered the obligatory wheel on the beach pose.

IMG_9184And I am not the only one.

More people than ever before are practising yoga and numbers are growing.

Seriously, yoga is not a new craze, it’s been around for thousands of years so why haven’t I noticed/embraced/sampled it before?

(Who remembers slide classes in aerobics? Yes a FAD!)

But just like one of yoga’s mantras is enlightenment, I have come to profoundly know I am hooked.

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Who is the ‘Real’ Aussie Housewife of Beverly Hills season six?

When Aussie mum Angie Simpson admitted that she resorted to using a black sharpie pen on a number of desperate occasions to “colour in some of her stray, grey hairs” and that when it comes to catering, “her husband cooks some sausages and steaks on the barbie” while she “throws together a salad,” she couldn’t imagine she’d have anything in common with the glamorous and wealthy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But when the first episode of the new season of the hit reality show airs next week (Tuesday December 1) there Angie is without a hair out of place and at a fancy, upmarket Italian restaurant, sitting alongside and holding her own with Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump in a stand-out cameo appearance and making her US television debut.


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Behind the scenes of an Australian Women’s Weekly shoot!

You MUST buy this month’s edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly- the one with Carrie Bickmore and a massive wreath of red flowers on the cover.

Of course Carrie’s story is moving and certainly cover-worthy, but in amongst the fashion, beauty, recipes and exclusives, there is a tinsel-toned feature on my family as well, which I would unbiasedly suggest, has way more heart.


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Couples cruising in Croatia-or anywhere the wind blows.

This is not a story about swingers!

It is however about choosing your partners very carefully.

Travel partners that is.

Especially if you decide to share, not just time, but a small sailing boat.

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What it means to be a real world Rugby League WAG!

“Switching between the Brownlow medal & the Dally M coverage – so much talk about the WAGs & what they are wearing. So, before the fashion police have their say on the girls, please just remember they are women supporting their husbands at a work function. Most of them only dress up once or twice a year. They don’t live glamorous lifestyles. They aren’t provided gowns by designers. Most of the time they privately live their lives as mums or working women.”


This is what Narelle Walters posted on her Facebook page on the back of the mad Monday double-header football awards night.

Who, some may ask, is Narelle Walters?

Well Narelle is someone who knows more than most what it means to be a WAG.

She was a WAG before there was an acronym for WAGs (wives and girlfriends).

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Fashion fix! What goes on behind the catwalk.

As always it’s mostly about the fashion.

The tried and true designers that have to come up with something fresh every year, every season, so as not to disappoint and to stay relevant.

The up and coming creatives trying hard to make an impression to forge a start in a tough industry and attract some style traction.

And the middle ground designers with a foot on each side of the fashion chasm, not yet truly established but no longer emerging.

Then there’s the models.

Jen Hawkins walk-through sharing catwalk with wide eyed models

Jen Hawkins walk-through sharing catwalk with wide eyed models

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Rats and television ratings- no problem for inspirational TV executive!

When it comes to inspiring women, often it’s someone you don’t know; a celebrity, a sports star, businesswomen or just someone ordinary doing something great that elevates your thinking.

So when it’s closer to home, a friend and colleague who attracts your admiration it is warming and palpable.

Overcoming a fear of rats and unknown television ratings, my mate, Channel 9 Queensland Managing Director Kylie Blucher is about to embark on a 300 kilometre trek across the Simpson Desert, renowned for rodent plagues and no phone reception.


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Spring Break in our 40’s!

As a teenager of the 80’s, with all the films about all the fun American kids of the same age were having, the defining, most memorable for me and many of my friends, was “Spring Break“. Despite the basic, yet ridiculous and totally unimaginative plot of two sets of university guys heading to Fort Lauderdale for fun in the sun, and everything that inevitably went wrong, it was a movie that marked a carefree time in our lives and a trip that my friend and I vowed to take and never took.

Until NOW!

When we were 'Spring Break" age.

When we were ‘Spring Break” age.

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