From Hoi An we flew to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I was expecting it to be a poorer version of Hanoi, but was pleasantly suprised. There is lots of foreign investment starting to take place and the resorts look like some of the best I’ve seen anywhere. There is lots of poverty and I thought the shopping was pretty average. The market items are all same same and Loretta, Mum and Anne have bought up big. I’m sure all those $3 handbags, table runners and wooden elephants are going to be real handy. Today we went on a boat to Tonle Sap Lake…but the river life along the way was eye boggling. Floating homes made of bamboo, straw and whatever else is handy line the canals, where whole villages with hundreds of people live. Even dogs and cats live on board. Some are tiny. There are even floating basketball courts and small schools and when the dry season approaches the entire village is towed further out into the lake to keep afloat. Yound kids draped in pythons motor up beside our boats to entertain the tourists..sticking the snake’s heads in the mouth and waving at us. We had to pay $1 for the pleasure of taking their photo or to make them go away. This afternoon we visited an orphanage where a Brisbane woman is heavily involved. The children were so cute but so poor. Some were dumped as babies or some are still with their mums whio work as prostitues…It was so incredible. Loretta could do an Angelina and adopt a couple. Now at the

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