Magic and mayhem on the bay for our 3rd lesson. Again our instructor was Mike who, as we learned this week, is about to split with his long-time partner and sell his house. Not that, that information had much to do with our lesson but I think I have retained more about our teacher than I have about how to sail. The day was a beauty, almost cloudless, a light breeze that picked up out of the harbour, pretty much what you’d imagine when you picture perfect sailing conditions, if you weren’t actually a sailor. This week J almost capsized us. She was on the till or tiller (can’t remember the correct term) and was in charge of a jibe. She turned the boat, slipped and kept the boat turning instead of correcting and we were up on the side almost vertically. Mike launched himself to the other side of the boat to put some weigh on the up side and we laughed hysterically. It was even funnier when he screamed at us to “stop laughing”. Apparently you can’t laugh until the situation is balanced again. I don’t know if that one is in the rule books though. But I reckon I’ll remember it even if I forget to follow it. Soon after lunch J became sea sick and we headed in. So all in all a memorable day.
This week was also my last french lesson for the year…I am for the first time in my life going to repeat a year. Maybe I could follow in school’s footsteps and request same sex class next year to see if I improve.

Reading at the moment…FREEDOM by Jonathen Franzen…A look at modern day love marriage and relationships apparently. It’s a bit of a bizarre take on that compared to my experiences but I am really enjoying it. Maybe because it makes me think my life is blessed!
Drinking ….usual sav blanc

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