La Vie Parisienne (Paris Life)

La Vie Parisienne (Paris Life)      By Janelle Mc Culloch

Dramatic, lust-filled romances!  Disastrous french villa renovations! Life-changing career moves!
In the same vein as other travel memoirs (think “Eat, Pray, Love” or “Under a Tuscan Sun”) La Vie Parisienne is a tale of a woman traveling to France in search of  well….something soul-soothing.

In this case, for Aussie girl, Janelle McCulloch, there were no high-level temptations, flirtations or decorations,  but like meeting a entertaining friend everyday for coffee, I looked forward to reading on whenever I had time.

Janelle describes her escape to Paris,  as an opportunity to “look for love and the perfect lingerie.”

While I didn’t need to go man-hunting,  I found her descriptions and recommendations of underwear stores, coffee shops, bars, new friends and shopping tips not only informative but lovingly picturesque. I read this E- book before heading off to Paris myself and book-marked numerous places to see, browse and eat at, based on her own year long explorations and wonderful descriptions.
This a fabulous complement to a lonely Planet Guide for anyone who is going or has been to Paris.

Picnic paris style

3/5 bubbles

Dining in St Germaine

2 Comments on “La Vie Parisienne (Paris Life)

  1. Just a note to say thank you for writing such lovely comments about my book ‘La Vie Parisienne’. I was very touched. (And you wrote it on my birthday – I was really thrilled to see that!) I do hope you had a fabulous time in Paris. The photos look wonderful. I loved the red berets!
    I’m now catching up with your blog – which I’m really enjoying reading.
    Very best wishes from a fellow journalist.
    Janelle McCulloch


    • Bonjour!. Lovely to know you found a fan. Have you written other books? I’d be very keen to read them. And thanks also for taking the time to let me know. Cheers Karryn


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