If only our clothes could talk!

The Secret Lives of Dresses!
by Erin McKean.

This is simply a glamourous read, with  all the charm, simple sophistication and class of a vintage or retro dress.

Dresses, which collectively become a character in this book and tell the stories of their owners,  with wistful or vibrant,  melancholy or joyous emotion.

A range of feelings that Dora traverses as she comes to terms with love and loss and friendship and family.

A university student, with a crush on her not-much-older-boss,  Dora returns to her childhood hometown where her beloved grandmother Mimi has had a heart attack.

Mimi has a life-long passion for clothes from the past, and runs a store that Dora has taken only a polite, if not critical interest in.

That is, until tragedy and old-age fashion combine to help Dora unlock the unknowns of her childhood and the mystery of what may lie ahead.

4.5 bubbles… One to take and read on a beach!

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