Unleash your inner Viking!

Wicked, scheming women, men who want to be kings or kingmakers, devious plots, religious debates, sexual affairs, back-stabbing, betrayal, murders and plenty of revenge. The ingredients in

     Bernard Cornwell’s series of viking novels are delicious and more-ish.

Probably because, just like following a good recipe, they’re all based on facts.




For those who don’t like it too rich, beware there is plenty of gore, bloody battles and brutal indifference to savage death.

Then again, it would have  been harder to live in those times than read about it today, (especially if you were a woman) so toughen up, put on your reading armour and plough in. You won’t be disappointed.

Set in England in the mid 880’s and onwards, Cornwell has brought to life, a rarely spotlighted period of Anglo Saxon history, as he follows the fictional Uhtred, (I kept picturing Gerard Butler in the Hollywood movie version if there ever is one) a displaced lord and warrior, who was captured by the Danes and raised as a viking.  Bound by oaths to his king and duty to his women, he fights reluctantly for leaders he loathes and often unwillingly against enemies he loves.

In a time where Alfred the Great ruled as king of Wessex and before England became a united country, this series, so masterfully researched, has not only provided an insight into ninth century history but given lovers of books a new hero and a great story.

There are six books in this Saxon saga, but Bernard Cornwell has tackled other time periods in other series. So it’s time now to remove my Viking helmut and head off to seek them out. Who has time to cook and clean?



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