Suprise! What kids do to amaze you!

When it comes to kids and surprises, there’s nothing that, … well, suprises me!

This car is an example, as you’ll soon see.

From the moment they are born, children are full of suprises.

For some they literally ARE a surprise. One day childless, the next, there’s an unexpected  blue strip on a stick.

While that didn’t happen to me, I’m sure that would classify as a massive surprise.

Depends on your definition of surprise at the time.

Then there’s the nappy surprises, which of course some male friends I know have never experienced…Now there’s a surprise!!!

The sudden appearance of a tooth.  Although with the amount of screaming that precedes it, I can’t work out how that could be surprising.

Remember that surprise when as cute little toddlers and hardly talking, you just happen to be in a busy store and they blurt  out a swear word you are sure you’ve never used in front of them.

And in the right @*%# context!

I reflect with nostalgia on the surprise when they bit, hit or whacked the annoying kid in child care. I’d be surprised if that annoying kid was mine.

There’s those surprises when they come home with mother day presents that they bought at the school store…with the money you gave them to buy it….Please don’t buy me a basil plant! Oh what a suprise it’s a chilli plant.

Of course there’s plenty of those non-suprises..

The family pet, not walked washed or fed.

The dishwasher not emptied when you asked.

The homework not done while you were at the grocery story, instead surprisingly, Miley Cyrus is still on television.

The fights over whose turn in the front seat, first in the shower, who got more mashed potato, who took their hair tie, who was talking first and who wore the skinny orange jeans!

All astonishing, I’m sure you’d agree.

Then there are surprises that delight for days, which amazingly and unfortunately are the most infrequent.

This week I came home from a luncheon with my husband and found my flithy car, cleaned.

Two of my step-daughters had washed not only mine, but their Dad’s large family-sized car and their middle sister’s.(see above pic)

Totally unexectedly, without prompting and with no fanfare.

Needless to say the suprise was enormous.

It started when the eldest turned up to wash her own car, undoubtedly enlisted the help of her younger sibling and then went on a spree.

I don’t know how long they spent on each car, what they used to clean them or what prompted the thoughtful actions. Quite frankly I’m just ecstatic that they did something without expectation of reward or fear of reprimand.

Probably surprised themselves.

Can’t wait for the next one!

2 Comments on “Suprise! What kids do to amaze you!

  1. Gosh. I can’t wait for that to happen here. Mine are only 7.5 and 5.5 but the surprises keep coming, as far as the arguments and debates go! LOL

    Anne xx


    • yes it will take quite a few more years..and it’s a very rare but pleasant occurrence.


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