One daughter down!

The backpack!

The backpack!

It’s now been  four months and 20 days since the second eldest daughter emptied her room, donated clothing to her sisters and the salvos, packed a backpack and left the family.

It’s been ( except for the 2 weeks we spent surrounded by thousands on a cruise ship and in a resort in cancun) a much more lonely four months and 20 days without her.

Here are the top 10 things I miss.

1.Hearing my name at least 15-20 times a day. ( she’s my step child so it’s not “mum” that she’s yelling out, but my name and it’s usually preceded by an, “oh my my god” or a “guess what?”) It’s quite disconcerting because if its “mum” that’s been yelled out constantly you can pretend its someone else’s kid.

2.Not eating any  of the  meals I have lovingly prepared that have meat in them.

3. Noticing every time I wear something new drawing my husband’s attention. Of course the, “I’ve had this for ages,”  doesn’t wash with her quite as easily.

4.Telling me long-winded stories that go on forever and where the actual point of the story gets lost by the time it’s finished.

5.Reading and subbing university  assignments that I don’t understand.

6.Listening to her chastise her sisters for-

a) Taking her clothes b) wearing her clothes c) not washing the clothes they have taken and worn d) Not hanging the washed clothes back up correctly on the hanger  and e) not facing the hanger correctly in the wardrobe after they been hung up incorrectly.

7.Laughing with her as she borrows, wears, doesn’t wash iron or hang the clothes she’s borrowed from afore mentioned sisters.

8.Holding her hair back as she throws up after going out so infrequently she can’t gauge her drinking (of course since being overseas she’s found others to do that for her- so proud)

9. Fighting over whose turn it is to top up the toilet paper.

10. The over- reactions to problems that pop up and then are solved by the time I call back.

Of course those traits are amusing and endearing but what I really miss is just her presence.

Even though we talk almost every day by either Skype or Viber or email or facebook, it’s her physical loveliness that is lacking.

Having her to bounce ideas off, thrash out glitches that are happening in her life or the lives of her friends, having a debate or an argument,  going to a movie, having a coffee, watching a movie, watching tv or just sitting on the deck for a chat.

The good news is that in just a few weeks we are winging our way to Italy for a 9 day catch up, taking in the vineyards and farmhouses of Tuscany, the culture and cuisine of Venice and the sights, landmarks  and shopping of Florence and Pisa and small towns in-between and around.

Cannot wait. It marks pretty much the half way mark of her sojourn overseas and away from the family home, and we will spending day and night together.

Day and night for nine days and nine nights!

Oh My God!

Stay tuned for the next top 10 things I miss about her.

One Comment on “One daughter down!

  1. Loving points 2, 3 and 10. Not looking forward to point 8! Have a great trip if I don’t see you before. Carrie x


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