“L”- learner licence for parenting…again

Here’s another vital addition to the “must-not-do” parenting list.
DO NOT go on the first manual licence driving lesson with a teenager, when you are suffering from  a hang-over.
IMG_3919As part of the the Queensland Government’ s Keys 2 Drive program learner drivers can get their first lesson with an approved instructor for free. I have done this before and it’s a great way to refresh your own driving prowess (roundabout rules) and see how your child fares behind the wheel, all from the back seat and with no duty of care.
The difference:
Last time was with a learner in an automatic car and I was fully alert.
This time was with daughter no 4 learning to drive a geared car and I was backing up after a big day and night at the races.
To set the scene:
The instructor’s name is Noel and he has 26 years experience as a navigator on Endeavour car rallies and a similiar amount of time teaching kids with no clue how to navigate at all.
Here are a few of the highlights.
Noel- What did you look back for?
Daughter No4- I don’t know
Me- sitting behind driver.
Noel-Clutch in, clutch in

No that’s 4th

Ok try again

Find that drive point off the clutch

You’ve gone into 4th again

Turn left here, slow down into 2nd

No that’s gone into 4

A little bit sluggish but that’s ok

Car- Rev rev rev

Noel- When it revs up like that it means you haven’t taken your foot off the clutch

That’s gone into 4 agaaaaiiinn

Me- jerking continuously forwards and backwards

Car- stall


Noel- Start it up again

Just a little acceleration, no that’s 4th

Beeeeeep–  from impatient driver behind

Noel- Pull over and I’ll explain the gears again

Me- Jerk jerk


Stomach heave

Car- stopped on a incline so tiny that most people would call it a flat road.

No4- This is a bit scary

Car-  Revvvvvvvvvvvv
Noel- Smell that clutch

Car- stalled on major road in traffic

Noel- Let’s try and feel for that drive point again

Me- Jerk jerk


Stomach heave

Noel- that’s 4th again

No4- Will I get marked down if I skip gears in the test.
Noel- Turn left here
No4- Goes straight ahead then remembers to go left at last minute with speed
Me- Flung sideways in back seat

An hour later the lesson is over. The manual learner driver has conquered second gear and my neck, stomach and head hurts.

Noel- all good

So bottom line:

It was an extremely worthwhile experience for all so allow me to amend that parenting list so the child does get the valuable instruction in a geared car.

DO NOT go on the first manual licence driving lesson with a teenager.

Get the other parent to do it.

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