From fulltime to french

What do you do when you’ve worked fulltime for your entire life and then make the massive decision to be a stay home mother and wife? Why you study french of course. Bien Sur.
Well that’s me…but for anyone the french part could be anything…going to the gym or reading or learning to dance. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and like the movie Dead Poets society I have Carpe Diemed…Something like a bucket list and at the top is french…I also have on that list learning to sail, taking wine and champagne courses and opening a book store…for now french it is.
That is because (despite that I should say being a wife and mother is rewarding and wonderful etc)’s boring!!!  Yes it is busy and the efforts of being at home for homework, dinner on time and less fattening take-outs, the kids are collected from sport and computer monitoring is under control is boring. Some might argue that learning french is boring, but it is on my list…and it feels good to make a tick on that. C’est super.

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