Into my second year of learning french…which I must say I am still finding tres difficle….I have tackled the next on my “always wanted to do” list. Sailing. A girlfriend and I signed up for women learn to sail lessons at the Royal Qld Yacht Club. Our instructor was an accomplished sailor but at 18 giggled a lot and while we learnt to jib and tack and something else with the big mainsail when it swings around…we didn’t get a great understanding of how we were actually moving forwards and in the case of when I was steering..zig-zagging. Regardless it was great fun…The weather was clear after weeks of Brisbane rain and we did get some burts of sunshine…So while the hubby’s were at work and the kids at school and childcare ..we enjoyed some freedom. Of course we had to rush back for school pick up..SO to add to my chores of cooking cleaning and chauffering…I am now a sailor and bi-lingual…well one day…I’ll be able to sail into Marseilles and speak to the harbour master and be understood.

I'd love to know what you think :)

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