In Singapore, waiitng to board the flight to Hanoi. Just stopped in for very early morning cup of tea at the Dempseys. Caught a taxi there and back and all very easy. Midnight flight was tiring but 2 sleeping tablets got me through the worst especially after Nicole’s wedding I mean formal. She looked divine and the pre pre went off with out a hitch. Met up with Paul Messenger who snuck me into Qantas Club where I eyeballed Jamie Durie..cute but way too short even for people with legs as vertically challenged as mine. About to embark on a Vietnamese adventure with Loretta and the mothers. Din Dong!

One Comment on “VIETNAM

  1. I was waiting for a call from the Singaporean authorities, so very relieved it all went well. Typical of you to scam your way into the Qantas club. Keep blogging!


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