Sailing Again

This week, our instructor was Mike…a 65 year old Vietnam Vet, partly deaf and retired new car salesman with no grandkids. He obviously talked a lot, but he also taught us a fair bit more than last week. We had a short, classroom briefing where sailing partner Jill went straight to teacher’s pet with her knowledge of the tide times and wind direction. We learnt how to rig the boat…I put on the jib which was pretty much like threading a shower curtain but on an actute angle..We also hoisted the mainsail and instead of being towed out of the harbour like the schoolkids, we sailed out. This time we had to use a till extension instead of just handling the till…It stumped us a bit but all blokes even 65 year old deafies like longer poles. It goes against all female instincts to go left and push the steering utensil in the opposite direction, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.
We also had a quick go at de-rigging when we got back in as well, which is pretty much like laundry and folding very big sheets. Easy! Sort-of! All-in-all a very good day on the bay.

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