The Shelly Beach Writers’ Group

The Shelly Beach Writers’ Group by June Loves.

So sweet and simple to read- chick lit for the little bit older chick.
Gina, a newly divorced, barely 50 something woman loses her affluent life when her husband takes up with the cliched younger woman and the business she’s sunk her inheritance into goes belly up.
In a sort of sea change by necessity, she accepts a gig as a house / dog sitter in Shelly Beach, where she finds herself,  not relaxing and regrouping,  but rather running a writer’s group, organizing a writer’s festival, baby sitting, baking, bridesmaiding and having a delicious fling with a man young enough to be her son.
She also re- discovers a relationship with her daughter somewhat neglected during a high flying, time-consuming career.
Absorbing and entertaining.
4/5 big bubbles!

2 Comments on “The Shelly Beach Writers’ Group

  1. Just finished it. I can see this turning in to a quirky ABC series. I just loved the characters, especially Bianca and Bossy Child! I wonder if I would talk to my dog if I lived alone?


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