Room by Emma Donoghue

Like an exercise addict- starting is the challenge but once you have, it’s enjoyable, makes you feel breathless but exhilarated and suddenly you’re obsessed – such is ROOM.

It’s a profound and wondrous story told through the eyes and words of a child born to a woman held hostage by her abductor (and the child’s father) in a small room for years.

Author Emma Donoghue unwraps her story like a child who’s afraid of a present:  slowly, timidly then faster and more furiously until you’re left wide-eyed and amazed.

This is one of those books, that while you may find it a bit bemusing in the beginning will have you thoroughly and completely hooked before you realise and you’ll be putting off dinner and even talking to others until you’ve finished. It will also make you have pause about a the power of motherhood.

A stunning, provoking but entertaining book.


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