Kids talk!…the new french.

Je suis repeter des lecons de francais pour la troisieme fois.

For those, who can’t read french, I want you to know, I am excellent at it.

For those who can, ne le dites anybody je ne peux pas.

To translate; I am repeating french lessons for the third time.

Not because I am a slow language learner..Non, non, non!

It’s because I am dedicated to perfecting it.

It’s the same mindset I have applied to mastering the many other languages that I have experienced in my home.

My french classroom!

First of all I had to interpret the teletubbies.  It took a while to translate “Eh-oh” to mean “hello” but I got there. Big hug for me.

Then of course the pre-teen words like…… ‘like’.

As in, ‘I went to the shop, like, to buy a drink’. Not because they liked the shop or even the drink but because they liked to use the word, ‘like’ a lot.

I tackled and continue to grapple with computer lingo such as:  LOL and ATM and PAW, GTG, NM, BTW, TC and SOZ. (laugh out loud, at the moment, parents are watching, got to go, never mind, by the way, too cool and sorry)

Although, OMG, keeping up is, like, tres difficile.

Then there’s a whole new vocab that comes along with each generation of older teens like (oops did it again, SOZ),  ‘gay’,’ random’, ‘sup’, ‘awkies’, ‘whatever’.

So having mostly-muddled my way through all these languages,and successfully deciphered them, I thought I’d be tres bien at french.

But alors, it’s still a little bit foreign to me, which is why I’ve convinced my friend, (who is much better at french than me) to attempt perfection and repeat the same level we did last year.

And the year before that.

Eh-oh, french is-like- OMG, so fun

We are in a class with 12 other ‘random’ people, ranging in age from 20-70.

One is a very nice, very young, language masters student, who was studying french. However she claims it was all theory which is why her french pronunciation is no better than ours. Not that we feel superior.

I’m also happy to point out that there is another woman in our class, who did level three last year and is repete-ing aussi.

There is a retired physio, an accountant, a journalist……so on paper we are collectively pretty clever. Whatever!

Our teach is a Barcelona-born french speaker, who makes game-show noises when we get things wrong… “bing bong” or “bahhh”.

Needless to say, I am tres sick of being bing-bonged.

NM.  J’adore learning french. It was something I have always wanted to do. Not quite on the bucket-list but definitely on the wish-list. BTW I think mon amie and I are getting better.

Which brings me to my homework and the fact I haven’t done it yet.


Au revoir for now.

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