Back to school blues? NOT!!!

This week thousands of parents will send their children off to school for the first time. Many thousands more will pack them off for another year on their 13 or 14 year path to graduation. It’s a groundhog… Read More

When should you let your daughters watch the Bachelor?

I love watching women in red-carpet-style frocks, some with sequins, all with cleavage, line up and compete against each other to be chosen by a man. And I know others of my ilk do too. I’ve seen their… Read More

The surprises when your teenager has a boyfriend..

The  youngest now has a boyfriend. It’s only a week into the blossoming relationship and the first flowers have been delivered. Sweet, you might say, but what about if the flowers left on the front porch weren’t for… Read More

More towel trouble in Paradise.

There’s been a re- shuffle in our house. One of the five childrens’ bedrooms is the Taj Mahal of teen sleeping spaces. It is as large as the master bedroom, but without the ensuite. It’s spacious enough for… Read More

Kids talk!…the new french.

Je suis repeter des lecons de francais pour la troisieme fois. For those, who can’t read french, I want you to know, I am excellent at it. For those who can, ne le dites anybody je ne peux… Read More

The family government..Vote 1

It seems electioneering is everywhere. Queensland, Moreton Bay, United States, Germany! When you think about it, families are like governments, constantly in campaign-mode and often childish. There are leaders, (parents or older siblings depending on the issue) trying… Read More

That’s not FAIR!!

I have a super- amazing photographic memory! I can recall exactly what chores my now 13 year old had to do when she was 7. I can remember the ages each of my 5 girls had to start… Read More

I do NOT like being a stepmum!

I played that paper chatterbox game as a child, where, when you lift up the flaps, I would end up marrying a gardener, driving a Ferrari, living in a toilet and having 20 children. Sometimes I ended up… Read More