For the anti-fifty shades fan…

This is what I wrote about the Fifty trilogy hype back in 2012 and I am very interested to see how the book translates to film. I am not expecting too much, but if I  want to be able to common, I think I’d better at least take the blind fold off and go and see it.


First of all, I am not a die-hard-core fan of the Fifty Shades trilogy, but I really feel like thrashing (not physically of course) all those grand-standing high-browed, snotty, stuffy critics that claim they don’t like the book or wouldn’t even consider reading it because it’s so terribly written!

Well no one ever claimed it was a literary prize winning novel.  I liked it purely because it was silly escapism. I read and reviewed it a few months ago and I still stand by my enjoyment of it. It reminded me a lot of all the Jackie Collins ‘classics’ I used to burrow through, while riding a training bike at the gym in uni days. (At times I pedalled faster thus burning more energy and losing more fat) Pure fun.

So if you want to read a book that is so ridiculously removed from your own real life and want a titillating good time relax, I recommend you read it fearlessly.

If however you are looking for a beautifully crafted book then may I suggest- “The Sense of an Ending”.

This is an award winning read.

Written by Julian Barnes, it won the Man Booker Prize 2011 and like the blurb on the back that describes it as a ‘masterpiece’  and ‘mesmerising’ and ‘a very fine book’ I too would add ‘gorgeously well written’ to it’s credits.  In complete contrast to Fifty.

I thoroughly enjoyed the clever sentence construction,  the unravelling plot, the complex characters and the thought-provoking concepts regularly presented in it.

But also in complete contrast to Fifty it was not a page-turning, must-not stop read that will go viral in popular culture.

(It took longer to read the 150 pages in this, than the 300 odd pages in the first Fifty.)

It is basically about a man, who when looking back on his life and his memories finds that not everything is or was as he thought.

It delves into young friendships, first loves, subsequent relationships, and all the emotions of marriage, children, regrets and choices.

It’s a poignant buffet of so many differing tastes and turn-offs and touches on that existential question of  ‘what if?’

For those who want to lament about a well-written novel then read this. I really enjoyed it.

Then again I enjoyed the Fifty trio..Does that define my book cred?

No. It just makes me someone who loves devouring all shades of books and quite frankly I’d probably say I’m well-read.

2 Comments on “For the anti-fifty shades fan…

  1. I agree Karryn! What is wrong with a little adult “Disney”! in our busy lives


  2. Ha – that is very funny and perhaps directed at me …. well some of it’s right – I sometimes grandstand (and love it – gets the blood pumping), my once higher brows are now very droopy (donations to face-lift fund kindly accepted), I am very snotty and stuffy as I have a cold but I am not much of a critic. I read a Jackie Collins for old times sake every Christmas holidays and love them but just thought the ‘oh my fifty’ shades were boring – maybe I require some kind of plot in a book. It opens up lots of conversation though. I’ll show you my play room next time you’re over.
    I will slate Mr Barnes book for the next holiday. I did love ‘Sins of the Father’. Will return.


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