Calling all mobiles!

She walked in and proudly removed the tiny metallic object from her bra.

“I saved the sim,” said daughter number three, on her return from a blustery winter morning coaching 13 year old, rookie rowers. Big deal you may think, but for a teenage girl, who has gone through more mobiles that a start-up company in Silicon Valley, it really is innovative. She has only had a phone for five and a half  years, as the girls weren’t given mobiles until they started high school, but in that fairly short time period we have had found more mobiles in bowls of rice, than we have had curries. Even though she is now financially responsible for both the phone and the bill her incredible gift of lost, damaged, dropped and mysteriously disappearing mobiles is just as impressive as the day her first phone not only cracked when it fell on a paved pool desk, but landed in the sole puddle of water.


The threads of long lost mobiles.

Here is just a short list of the incidents we can remember:

Dropped from her towel on paved pool deck.

Went swimming in the ocean with it in her pocket. (because everyone goes swimming in denim shorts)

Dropped in the toilet. “Accidentally” fell in the toilet.

Dropped in the pool.

Smashed in the back pocket when she sat heavily.

Inexplicably stopped working.


This latest ‘sim in the bra’ installment involves a phone just three days old.

A cheap replacement for a smart phone that seized and stopped. At first she thought the mobile may have fallen and sunk to the depths of the Brisbane River when she discovered the wind jacket pocket was unzipped and there was no phone to be found.

But luck! It had tumbled into the bottom of the tinnie (boat) she was driving and from which she coached her young rowers.

Of course though, it landed in river slush pooled at the back of the boat, and died.

But at least she’s got the sim.

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