Fashion fix! What goes on behind the catwalk.

As always it’s mostly about the fashion.

The tried and true designers that have to come up with something fresh every year, every season, so as not to disappoint and to stay relevant.

The up and coming creatives trying hard to make an impression to forge a start in a tough industry and attract some style traction.

And the middle ground designers with a foot on each side of the fashion chasm, not yet truly established but no longer emerging.

Then there’s the models.

Jen Hawkins walk-through sharing catwalk with wide eyed models

Jen Hawkins walk-through sharing catwalk with wide eyed models

Jen Hawkins walked for Myer at this year’s 10th anniversary Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.

She commanded the catwalk, and was just as much a pro off of it, even though her green room backstage was little more than a shade cloth.

I also spent time with a new face, Brook Crompton.

The 17 year old, grade 12 high school student is the same age as my daughter and was booked for many of the shows. I’m sure she wanted to run away every time she saw me but couldn’t, strapped into ridiculously high stilettos, as I was constantly hounding her about doing her homework.


Brook Crompton on photoshoot for Courier Mail

And then there was male model DAN, always referred to in capital letters because he doesn’t have social media. He has an audition with Home and Away now the Festival is over and they’d be mad not to sign him, just for his cheeky, intelligent personality. Nothing to do with his looks.

But as mentioned it’s mostly about the fashion.

But before I reveal my top four favourite looks, that quite frankly I’m not sure anyone will give credence to, and which will keep my amazing fashion individuality in tact…..

Here are a few off the runway insights that I either want to share or that I learnt this year you should pay heed to:

  1. Wash your hair twice and faux bobs are in (Thanks Laura from Schwarzkopf Professionals)
  2. Alex Perry is worth spending time with and no he never takes the sunnies off his head
  3. Do your eyebrows and mascara first, it sets up the structure of your face and you may not need any more make up (Thanks Kate from Napoleon Perdis)
  4. Start doing my eyebrows (Thanks again Kate)
  5. Do not wear high heels when you leave home and your day ends at midnight (I learn this every time I work on mbff and every year forget that I did)

    Underneath these heels are very stylish blisters!

    Underneath these heels are very stylish blisters!

  6. Bachelorettes love fashion shows and don’t require a rose to stay or keep coming back

    Bachelorettes 2015

    Bachelorettes 2015

  7. Denise Morcombe is delightful and even more so because she confuses harem-style designer pants with pyjama bottoms
  8. Mercedes-Benz vehicles jolt to neutral when you flick on the windscreen wipers, which you may think are on the right hand side of the steering wheel, but are actually on the same side as the blinkers
  9. The VIP Lounge could also double as a room of love (yes there’s a story but not telling)
  10. A week of red frogs and green M & M’s are not good substitutes for the different coloured food groups

But as you know it’s all about the clothes.

So while there have been many fashion editors, bloggers and so-deemed experts who have listed their favourites over the past week for many fashionistic reasons;

Here are my stand-outs, after not only seeing them on the runway, but chatting to the designer and watching the process backstage to getting them on a model to seeing them in the fabric.

mbff collage1.From Irma J Smith House of Fashion- It’s a label that has been around for over 50 years in Queensland. I don’t know anyone that would wear such a bright, skin-tight Cruella De Vil number (maybe Priscilla?) but for a five decade old brand I loved the bold, brash don’t-care-what-anyone-thinks statement piece.

2. This gold sequinned swimsuit from Aqua Blu swimwear would look right at home on the beaches of Ibiza, but model Mel Kelly who has walked every year of the ten years of the Festival absolutely owned it!

3. Here’s DAN! But I love this Ubermen outfit of white cargo pants and collared, blue-print, short-sleeved, button up shirt because this is exactly what I have been dressing my husband in for years. So ahead of the trend!

4. A white lace sundress is so me. And because it was being modelled as a garment from retailers at QueensPlaza, home to high end labels, I like many others at the High Tea expected a high price tag. It’s from Portmans, $179 and sold out that day. (Yet more proof I know what I am talking about)

Like art, fashion is in the eye of the beholder or on the body of the buyer.

If everyone liked the same outfit, same designer, same colour or even the same fabric we may as well all wear a uniform and wear sunnies on our heads as accessories.

I'd love to know what you think :)

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