Fashion fix! What goes on behind the catwalk.

As always it’s mostly about the fashion. The tried and true designers that have to come up with something fresh every year, every season, so as not to disappoint and to stay relevant. The up and coming creatives… Read More

Lessons in fashion from mbff

I woke up this morning with no clue what day it was. “Is it sunday? Are the kids at school? Why is it light? Where am I?” After months of lead up work and a massive, manic week… Read More

The final word on Fashion!

Well at least for a while! After five months working with a very small team team of polished and professional people, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane has wrapped up and my job of getting some attention for it and… Read More

Want to test your self-esteem? Go to a model casting.

This week I visited the Land of the Giants. These giants though, weren’t green and gnarly and built like rectangles. No! They were mostly blonde or brunette and smooth and built like pencils.