What to pack for a three month holiday!

I know three months! THREE MONTHS!

It sounds like a dream holiday.

And it is.

A bucket list travel experience that has been 10 years in the planning.

Actually, I didn’t really start planning until two years ago, but I thought of it 10 years ago.

So now after eight years of thinking and two years of booking, saving, paying off and actual real-time planning it’s almost departure time.

So the big dilemma.

What to pack?


My empty suitcase on the left. 

The last time I had an extended break I was 21. I was off to work in an American summer camp in California so I had to plan for all occasions and fit all of my outfits into a backpack.

Of course, at 21 I didn’t actually have many outfits.

On top of the lack of clothing I was to be the lifeguard at the camp so swimwear didn’t take up much room.

There was no Instagram or Facebook but I did have a bright red one piece and it was 1988, the year before Baywatch came out, so even without going viral I’m pretty sure I sparked that phenomenon.


Anyway…..I don’t remember packing being a problem.

Now just two days from departure and I can’t decide what to take.

The key considerations are:

  • Maximum weight (I need to consider the checked baggage allowance especially for some of those cheap internal flights)
  • Only one carry-on and its size
  • Enough room in the suitcase for shopping

So, I am considering carefully and working back from the must-have items I need to pack.

They include:

  • A party dress for Santorini (to celebrate a birthday)
  • Something warm for England
  • Rain coat for wet weather in Paris and
  • Swimwear (red is so 80’s)

Requiring a party dress for Santorini.

Because we have a month in Paris I have investigated the closest yoga studio and swimming pool so I need:

  • Yoga tights and top
  • Swimming togs (non-red 2017 style)
  • Goggles and cap

We are also planning to hike in the Lake District in the north of England, cycle in the Algarves area of Portugal and walk to explore everywhere wherever we are, so that means:

  • Good sandshoes
  • Hat
  • Comfortable cool clothes for exercising


  • Toiletries
  • Underwear
  • Technology appliances-phone charger, lap top etc
  • Books to read on the beach
  • Assortment of shoes to match above mentioned outfits (sandshoes, party shoes, beach shoes, warm shoes etc)

As I start the pack I have decided in the best interests of saving room it would be great to buy a new party dress for Santorini and it would be pretty cool to downward dog in the latest french yoga gear.

As a souvenir, you should always buy a hat in the country you visit and comfortable clothes are easy to pick up.

European swimwear is a luxury so I could treat myself and save room for a new pair.

By being a frugal and practical packer I have achieved the desired outcome of minimum weight, size and room just leaving to pack:

  • Toiletries
  • Underwear
  • Technology appliances-phone charger, lap top etc
  • Books to read on the beach
  • Assortment of shoes to match above mentioned outfits (sandshoes, party shoes, beach shoes, warm shoes etc)

On second thoughts I might go back and start again, after all who wants to land in a foreign country on an extended holiday without your party outfits, yoga pants and togs.

Maybe I’ll just buy an extra suitcase instead!

Bon Voyage.

2 Comments on “What to pack for a three month holiday!

  1. Take 1 party dress (you will buy another or maybe 2) 1 pair of jeans, 1 yoga outfit, 1 pair of togs and where your comfortable outfit on the plane with your scarf and coat in hand luggage. 1 pair of sand shoes (wear on Plane) 1 pair of Party shoes and a pair of sandals with your essentials, undies and toiletries your done.

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