How not to die in the Greek Islands.

You’d think sailing the Greek Islands would be nothing but picturesque and peacefulness. But we were attacked FOUR times and almost died on a morning walk around the stunningly beautiful, yet not-too-touristy bay of Palionisos on the Dodecanese… Read More

Hits and misses of B & B’s in England.

No matter when or where you travel choosing the right accommodation to suit the location and your budget is a balancing act. So, on a major three-month holiday, we chose a just-as-long variety of accommodation venues. In some… Read More

Nine reasons why you must-do Chateau de Versailles.

If the Chateau de Versailles isn’t on your must-do list of Paris, then you need to take a good, hard look at yourself in the hall of mirrors and royally re-assess. Here’s why:

Canal Saint Martin- why and where you should go.

Today started as it has now for the past ten days in Paris. A long black and a short chat. I don’t have a plaque at the bar like Tom, the best customer at my local café, Au… Read More

Why Chantilly is a sure bet when visiting Paris.

When you visit Paris there are so many wonders to enjoy and so many sights to inspire that side trips out of the city are not usually on the agenda. But if you have been to Paris before… Read More

24 hours in Liverpool

If our daughter wasn’t living in Liverpool on a six-month working holiday the city wouldn’t have been a must-stop-spot on our English itinerary. But as it’s still the home of Beatlemania I defy anyone not to enjoy a… Read More

What to pack for a three month holiday!

I know three months! THREE MONTHS! It sounds like a dream holiday. And it is. A bucket list travel experience that has been 10 years in the planning. Actually, I didn’t really start planning until two years ago,… Read More

When and where to plan your next ski trip in Japan?

Looking forward to a ski holiday is almost as good as enjoying a ski holiday so the best time to plan and book is just as the snow season you intend to visit comes to an end. So… Read More

Why this is the best restaurant in Italy!

It’s the middle of summer in Italy. Portofino (not to be confused with Positano) is a small, yet super popular Riviera town in the north of the country, overlooking the Mediterranean. The little harbour is lined with pastel… Read More

Planning a ski holiday? Consider this!

When it comes to a ski holiday, you can go anytime of the year and anywhere around the world….So NOW is always the right time to start planning. We chose somewhere we had never heard of- Nozawa Onsen…. Read More