Couples cruising in Croatia-or anywhere the wind blows.

This is not a story about swingers! It is however about choosing your partners very carefully. Travel partners that is. Especially if you decide to share, not just time, but a small sailing boat.

Thailand- what islands to see and sail.

In Thai, Koh pretty much translates as island. So if you’ve been to Koh Samui or any other of the 1000’s of islands dotting the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand you’ve been to a Koh. It’s… Read More

Raising kids…it’s kinda like sailing..

This Easter, for the first time, our family is scattering in the wind. Almost literally for my husband. While I am heading to Perth with the youngest daughter for a waterpolo competition, two of my step-daughters are heading… Read More

The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow

An aussie school teacher in England sets out on a sailing/rowing adventure, leaving the border near Wales and like Dr Dolittle, who set sail and bumped into Africa, kept going until he bashed into the Black Sea.   … Read More