Should you supply your schoolie with alcohol?

There are officially only three days left of the school year for graduating students. For me it’s the final week of a very long plot-twisting, character-driven, full of villains, sometimes a few heroes, angst-riddled, monotonous but never dull,… Read More

Poolies-the new trend in schoolie celebrations!

The formal is done. Exams are looming and valedictorian celebrations are in train. Soon, all the attention will turn to schoolies week, and it’s not just the kids who are getting excited. I have a friend heading to… Read More

Why I am NOT supplying alcohol to my schoolie!

I am just about to send my fourth daughter in five years to schoolies and while I have arranged a pack filled with sunscreen, shampoo, cereal and hand sanitizer, I will NOT be supplying her with alcohol. Every… Read More