I’m more fashionable than I thought!

It’s not very often that I am wrong.

But when I am, I am bold enough to admit my mistake (solo, not plural) and move on.

A few months ago I outlined some misgivings I had about embracing a new media position, because of a self-perceived lack of style.

I was so wrong and I’m sorry.

Rocking 2012/13 Summer Neon

Basically not only am I stylish and on-trend, but perhaps even a bit of a fashion leader. (But I’ll get to that, so you have a heads up on what may be the next new wardrobe must-have.)

When I started as media manger for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, I was confident and excited about a new career challenge. However I was a little hesitant because of the brainwashing my five female children had subjected me to over the years based on their own views of fashion.

Girls here’s some motherly fashion advice… SUPRE is not a designer label. Tracksuits pants will never look hot under a school uniform, or matched with a button-up shirt. A long green skirt and desert-style boots just don’t work. A hand-me down blue and orange coat does not go with everything. And baggy, floral leggings DO look like an accident has occurred in the backside region. I could go on.

Wearing Lisa Brown

Having said that though, they are reasonably well-styled kids most of the time. Clearly my subtle influence has permeated their closets.

But to prove my earlier statement.

When I started my job and started to drill down on what designers were showcasing at the Festival, I realised I already had a great majority of those labels hanging in my bedroom. Stylish and now I know it.

I wore Julie Tengdahl to my friend Jill’s wedding a decade ago. Thankfully didn’t upstage the bride.

I wore Lisa Brown to my friend Teena’s wedding 17 months ago in Hawaii. I’ve probably put Lisa on the international fashion map.

I wore MXM Couture to my own wedding almost five years ago. The twins are in the their first ever festival, so clearly I have fashion instinct years ahead of professionals.

I could go on.

But you are all probably wondering just what I have now that you’ll all be hearing about in the future.

Two things…My Lu Lu Lemon running wear. Lemon pronounced with a very french accent mon cher.

I will give credit to my friend Janice for her initial online find, but I wear my Lu Lu’s to death. They are so lycra chic with no branding across my bum or inspirational slogans brandished on my chest like that other designer sportswear. (Which by the way I was wearing before there were stores, as I bought LJ from racks outside a gym at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Just more proof of my dormant skill)

And this is my new clothing-love.  Bleulab Jeans.

Reversible ,clean-in-the-freezer,  purple,  shiny one side, matt with pink stitching the other side,  jeans! I love them. And soon they will be everywhere.

Wear the shimmery side out for a sexy night out look, or turn them inside out and wear the matt-side matched with a collared shirt to work. And they come in all sorts of colours.

I’m keen to get the khaki-shiny colour on one side, which then pull off to reveal the white and gold leopard print matt side the other,  for summer.

To clean them. Brush off any stains or marks, fold only once, place in plastic and pop in the freezer. To wear again just de-frost. No ironing involved.

Just think what my girls will have to say about them?

Perhaps they could start with “sorry, our mistake, you are very fashionable”.

I'd love to know what you think :)

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