The final word on Fashion!

Well at least for a while!

After five months working with a very small team team of polished and professional people, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane has wrapped up and my job of getting some attention for it and on it has too.

Backstage with Diana Rouvas.. in not-at -all sore feet.

It was an exhausting, exhilarating and (now that I have had some sleep and spent a few days doing housework, cooking and driving kids around, I can reflect with energy and  some comparisons) extremely enjoyable week.

Not to mention that I learnt a great deal and can now confidently say, I am an expert on fashion, trends, hair and make-up.

Okay …okay.

Well I can at least now offer an opinion. So allow me to share.

Here are the top five things I learnt from working on mbff 2012.

1. It’s not a good idea to wear high heels to work at 7am and then look like you are elegantly floating on your feet, as you escort media to interviews and entertainment venues at 10pm.

2a Hair- The not-done look for hair that I have been perfecting for a few decades has finally caught on and up with my trend-setting.

2b Make-up- Putting blush on as eye-shadow, which is all I have ever done,  is IN this season, says Napoleon Perdis Head of Creative. In fact a new palette is coming out in a few weeks time. (Yep another trend I can claim..who knows I may have inspired it.)

3.  Big necklaces and bright lipstick..or  maybe it’s bright necklaces and big lips? Anyway I’m sure both are fine.

4.  Volunteers are absolutely awesome.

5. Gift bags are very important.

(and SH is right you should get them early)

So now as I head back to my regular routine of learning french, to sail and managing sporting teams and a household of girls I will do so, fashionably.

I have turned down a few offers of work, as it’s time now to be on-trend with the family.

There are  state rowing titles in a few weeks, a five-week camp for the youngest to pack for, representative basketball duties to understand, waterpolo car-pooling arrangements to finalise, a kick-arse, xmas family holiday to New York to plan, a grade 11 semi-formal, a send-off for daughter no 2 to negotiate as she heads to college overseas for a year and  a 16th birthday party to organise.

Not to mention those wonderfully exciting parenting moments of facebook patrol, pocket -money deduction, room checks, teenage love-life monitoring and listening to the latest in clothing wars. (borrowing your sister’s clothes with out asking and then finding out they were her friends’ can cause high pitched squeals- it’s also a good idea to be working when this happens.)

At least now I’ve decided I’ll be doing all those mundane, (I mean worthwhile and enjoyable) tasks in new outfits, bright necklaces and big lips!!

At least for a while!







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