More towel trouble in Paradise.

There’s been a re- shuffle in our house.

One of the five childrens’ bedrooms is the Taj Mahal of teen sleeping spaces.

It is as large as the master bedroom, but without the ensuite. It’s spacious enough for a couch, on which to slouch and hang out with friends, and has a built in desk and robe so you sizeable enough for a small party.

Needless to say it’s the most coveted of crash zones.

To win this room, it’s easy.

You have to be older than your siblings and not move out of the home for more than six months.

So, with the oldest gone for good, and the second eldest on a year-long international study exchange, it became the next daughter-in-line’s turn to claim it.

So eagerly did she want to do this, that on the very day we returned from our month long overseas holiday, she shrugged off jet-lag, skipped lunch and started lugging loads of her stuff next door into the Taj.

That of course meant her now vacant room was next to go.

For the fourth eldest daughter, that ensured dropping down a level and up a peg in decor.

She moved from her upstairs room, decorated in back to back Justin Beiber pull-out posters from teen mags, to a bedroom with clean walls away from the parents zone, which she then remodelled to be reminiscent of our New York holiday with landscapes, doona cover and snaps of the big apple.

So far, so good.

But it means these two middle girls are now sharing a bathroom.

IMG_2066” I think we should have colour coded towels,” said one.

“I’ll have the red and you have the other colours,” she continued.

“No, I want the bottom rack, so I can hang my togs and other stuff. And I don’t want to have your things taking up my space,” said the other.

” I don’t want the top rack,” said the colourful daughter.

“I don’t want your stuff on my rack,” said the bottom rack dweller.

” I don’t use as many towels as you, so I don’t want your things taking up all the room”.

Back and forth it went.

A clash of colour and rack domination.

I left this towel drama out to dry.

No locks or divides or rules for this one. (other than it had to be tidy)

In the end it has come down to a similar sibling structure as the bedroom shuffle.

Older one rules.

She now has the bottom rack. Her sister has the colour red. (Although she is happy to include other colours as she sees fit)

But here’s the winner in all this.

The youngest child is upstairs alone and now has a bathroom with both racks all to herself.

And while the others were cleaning and moving rooms she went to the movies.

2 Comments on “More towel trouble in Paradise.

  1. Yes there is no doubt us babies of the family will always win out and are pretty smart to boot!


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