More towel trouble in Paradise.

There’s been a re- shuffle in our house. One of the five childrens’ bedrooms is the Taj Mahal of teen sleeping spaces. It is as large as the master bedroom, but without the ensuite. It’s spacious enough for… Read More

The final word on Fashion!

Well at least for a while! After five months working with a very small team team of polished and professional people, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane has wrapped up and my job of getting some attention for it and… Read More

how to get kids to empty the dishwasher without being asked!

I came home to find my 14 year old step daughter had emptied the dishwasher,  (a chore that wasn’t even assigned to her) off her own bat. Incredible! No asking, no bribing, no threats, nothing. Just emptied! How… Read More