Why I am NOT supplying alcohol to my schoolie!

I am just about to send my fourth daughter in five years to schoolies and while I have arranged a pack filled with sunscreen, shampoo, cereal and hand sanitizer, I will NOT be supplying her with alcohol.
Every year a different set of friends, who have kids about to head off to the annual end-of-year freedom (read drink) fest, raise this parenting dilemma and from those who are buying booze for their under-age children, it’s always the same argument.

“At least I know what they are drinking,” they say.

This year many of the girlfriends I went through high school and schoolies with, are packing off their precious 17 year olds for the first time, and their views on whether to supply or not, like the coolers we used to consume, are mixed.

I am not burying my head in the Gold Coast sand; I have no doubt my daughter and her mates will celebrate, but I still haven’t changed my mind when it comes to supplying and this is why.

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Calling all mobiles!

She walked in and proudly removed the tiny metallic object from her bra.

“I saved the sim,” said daughter number three, on her return from a blustery winter morning coaching 13 year old, rookie rowers. Big deal you may think, but for a teenage girl, who has gone through more mobiles that a start-up company in Silicon Valley, it really is innovative. Read More

“L”- learner licence for parenting…again

Here’s another vital addition to the “must-not-do” parenting list.
DO NOT go on the first manual licence driving lesson with a teenager, when you are suffering from  a hang-over.

Baby steps to letting my baby girl grow up!

” Last day ever wearing winter uniform!!!!!”

This is the post my grade 12 daughter recently put up on facebook.

With five exclamation marks, I suggest she’s quite excited about the looming end of her schooling years, and she did get quite a lot of thumbs up from her friends.

To me there was no ‘like’ at all.IMG_3635

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The surprises when your teenager has a boyfriend..

The  youngest now has a boyfriend.

It’s only a week into the blossoming relationship and the first flowers have been delivered.

Sweet, you might say, but what about if the flowers left on the front porch weren’t for her …..

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Kids are like a box of chocolates!

Most of the time you do know what you are going to get, but it’s the surprises that make parenting memorable.

In this case, the alarm went off at 4.15 am.

It does most mornings in our house, with the two youngest girls rowing and either the hubby or I driving bleary-eyed teenagers in the cold and the dark to the boat shed.

But on this day I was up at that time to get to the race-track. Read More

One daughter down!

The backpack!

The backpack!

It’s now been  four months and 20 days since the second eldest daughter emptied her room, donated clothing to her sisters and the salvos, packed a backpack and left the family.

It’s been ( except for the 2 weeks we spent surrounded by thousands on a cruise ship and in a resort in cancun) a much more lonely four months and 20 days without her.

Here are the top 10 things I miss.

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Payback- the teen mobile phone plan!!!

IMG_2371The mobile phone bill popped into my inbox this month for teenage daughter number 4, and it was $160 over the monthly $30 limit.

“I didn’t hardly make any calls this month,” is the first response.

Quickly followed by, “It’s a stupid plan.”

On closer inspection of the breakdown of the bill, the excess has come from $450 worth of texting.

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Aussie Brady Bunch does the U.S!

We are about to depart on a once-in-a-lifetime overseas family holiday. All seven of us to the United States.

I am hoping that the only similarity between us and the “real” Brady Bunch is that we are also a blended family TERRIBLY EXCITED to be taking a holiday in America.

Because when Carol and Mike took their tribe on a trip there was some sort of disaster.

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Parenting tip..do not throw in the towel, lock them up!

To many people, summertime means the beach, the pool, swimming and togs.(bathers for those outside Queensland)

It certainly does for me as well.

But to parents, it also means wet, soggy towels left lying around EVERYWHERE!.

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